HP New Year's Eve Drabble Fest

One Night of Mayhem and Magic

Harry Potter New Year's Eve Drabble Fest
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What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

The New Year’s Eve ("Voldy Day") Drabble Fest!
One Night of Mayhem and Magic

In honour of the 80th anniversary
of the birth of The Dark Lord
(b. December 31, 1926)
we proudly announce the launch of
the New Year’s Eve Drabble Fest!

Set aside the hours from 9:00 to midnight (or so) in your time zone to write fast and furiously - 13 drabbles before time is up. Based on the premise of National Novel Writing Month, the challenge is to create a large quantity of writing instead of nitpicking over quality - and hopefully end up with some gems amidst the creative blizzard.

Pick up your pens, set out an alarm clock, and put on your party hats. Forget waiting for New Year's Eve plans that (sigh!) always fall through. This year, we're going to ring in the New Year with 13 drabbles!

What next?

Read the Event FAQs or put your name on the list of participants!

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