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summerborn in auld_lang_snape

Sign Up Here!

While there isn't an official registration, it would be nice to get an idea of who is planning on participating. So if writing drabbles on New Year's Eve sounds like fun, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and then comment here! It'd be nice to know:
1. Your username or penname
2. Your goals for the evening: 13 drabbles in three hours, or one of the optional additional goals, or what!

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Oh dear, is it too late to join? I'll try to write 13 drabbles! (try being the operative word here)
It's never too late... until the snarky professor sings! ;)

I'll add your name to the sign-up list, wing_less.
Stupid LJ not posting my comment. >:P

I'll play, florahart, 13, likely all different pairings, 100 even because I don't think other numbers are drabbles, and prompts likely from wikipedia's random page thingy.
Leah1878, 13 drabbles and I'll try to do 13 different pairings, that should be fun.
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