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hasaidreamer in auld_lang_snape

And The Winners Are...

Thanks again to everyone who participated – we appreciate your fantastic drabbles and your contribution to this fest so much! Each one of you was a part of making this a success.

So many quality drabbles were submitted (here and here) that we have awarded, as planned, several winners.

Our goal was for each author to write 13 drabbles… so we have decided to award 13 winners.

We proudly present... the best of auld_lang_snape!


cnary_crem_dght - link to artwork
tripperfunster - and check out the side-splittingly funny results of her caption/story competition for her artwork here and especially here.
eliminate - link to artwork


Friendship Award
to florahart for (Ron/Harry)

Family Award
to lysa1 for "Duty" (Lucius)

Crackfic Award
to ejab62 for (Death Eaters & Molly Weasley)

Extraordinary Creativity Award
to carpet_diemon for "Snarkus" (Snape/Harry)

Shock Pairing Award
to eliminate for (Harry, surprise pair)

Fantasy Award
to doily_fic/doilyhands for "February" (Ron, Draco)

Ghostly Touches Award
to leah1878 for (Harry/Voldemort)

Moment In Time Award
to cryptaviscus for "M" (Draco & Harry)

Deathly Hallow Award
to bitterfig for #3 (Gabrielle Delacour, Regulus Black)


Potions Mishaps Award
to mnemosyne_1 for "Prank" (Snape/Pansy)

Ship That Never Happened Award
to wing_less for (Lucius/Lily)

Finger Lickin' Good Award
to sweetsorcery for (Harry/Cedric)

And last but not least…

to crjace for "Dinner Conversations" (Neville & his grandmother)

Congratulations to each of our winners!

See you next year,

~summerborn and hasaidreamer


Thanks so much for the award! This was so much fun--I definately look forward to doing it again some time!
Yay, love awards. Thank you so much for mentioning this drabble-thon thing to me, it was scads of fun!
Thank you! I just did a happy dance around my house. (My mother is even excited for me)
See you next year!
Aww...Thanks for the award. Now, I fell all soft and gooey inside.

A little favor though, could you post the links to the drabbles (or the entry where the drabbles are) themselves. I'm having a minorly difficult time browsing through the other authors' lj, looking for their drabbles.

Again, thanks much...
Links to the drabble entries (with the author's links) are in the post above - "here" and "here." Sorry if that wasn't clear.
Oh, I meant links to the winning drabbles, specifically. But I've read most of the drabbles posted around this challenge, anyway. Thanks again!
Thanks for the award! This really made my day! See y'all next year! -smooch-