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Best of auld_lang_snape Submissions

I know summerborn and I have been a little bit vague about the categories for which we're accepting entries for the "contest" part of this event. Our hope was to adapt the categories to suit whatever got submitted so that we could showcase a small piece of each of your writing, while limiting the number of drabbles and ficlets that would be posted on the main community (and that the two of us would have to read this week).

Thus, the "categories" are going to change depending on what we see from each of you.

Please direct us to ONE and only one drabble that you'd like to see submitted to the eventual posting of "best of auld_lang_snape on this community. We're happy to have links to the complete set of drabbles written by all the participants (see responsese to my previous post), but for this entry we'd like just one per person. If you're having trouble picking, ask a beta or someone else who drabbled with us to help you choose.

I haven't read all the drabbles yet, but those I have are fabulous. I am so impressed with the quality of writing done in three hours!

If you've already posted a link and told us about one specific drabble, you don't have to repost. If, however, you've mentioned more than one favourite or you haven't chosen one yet, please let us know here which you'd like to use.

The deadline for commenting on this with your submission is now extended to midnight on January 5, 2007.

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