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hasaidreamer in auld_lang_snape

Best of auld_lang_snape Submissions

I know summerborn and I have been a little bit vague about the categories for which we're accepting entries for the "contest" part of this event. Our hope was to adapt the categories to suit whatever got submitted so that we could showcase a small piece of each of your writing, while limiting the number of drabbles and ficlets that would be posted on the main community (and that the two of us would have to read this week).

Thus, the "categories" are going to change depending on what we see from each of you.

Please direct us to ONE and only one drabble that you'd like to see submitted to the eventual posting of "best of auld_lang_snape on this community. We're happy to have links to the complete set of drabbles written by all the participants (see responsese to my previous post), but for this entry we'd like just one per person. If you're having trouble picking, ask a beta or someone else who drabbled with us to help you choose.

I haven't read all the drabbles yet, but those I have are fabulous. I am so impressed with the quality of writing done in three hours!

If you've already posted a link and told us about one specific drabble, you don't have to repost. If, however, you've mentioned more than one favourite or you haven't chosen one yet, please let us know here which you'd like to use.

The deadline for commenting on this with your submission is now extended to midnight on January 5, 2007.




I did 'drawbles', and to make them coherent, I sketched out a frame for a comic, but was not able to finish it! grrrr.

So, if it's okay with you guys, I'll finish it, (should be tonight) and submit it here (after I hear back it that's okay) and I'll just say in the A/N which drawbles were done New Year's eve, and which were done after.

Thanks for such a neat idea

Re: !

Sure! I'd love to see what you've drawn. Please do post a link for us when it's ready.
OK, I pick Prank, Pansy/Snape as my best. It got the most mentions (barely) in my comments. :)

“Miss Parkinson, what is it that you…” Severus barely managed to flick up a barrier in time as she flung herself at him.

“Severus, I want you!”

He gave her his most forbidding glare. “First, you will address me by my proper title. Second, you will cease these ridiculous notions and go back to your dormitory.”

Tears filled her eyes. “But I love you. We have to be together.”

“Oh for…” Severus summoned a vial and set it hovering next to her. “Drink this.”

She looked at him suspiciously. Still a Slytherin at the core, he thought proudly.

“If you love me,” he said, nearly choking on the words, “you’ll drink it.”

Pansy downed it immediately, making a face at the taste. Severus waited as the horror grew over her face. “Sir! I…”

Flicking away the barrier, he held up a hand. “You’re clearly the victim of a prank. Return to your dorm immediately and no points will be taken.”

“Yes, sir,” Pansy whispered and ran out of the room.

Severus rubbed his face, drained. This happened every year. He still wasn’t sure whether it were a joke on the girl, a nasty prank on him or a test of his willpower to resist a willing, nubile sixteen year old.

Thank Merlin they hadn’t figured out he was bent.
I hate making up my mind! I pick "Dinner Conversations," and follow this link.

I have to, it seems, choose... all right, then. ;0)

3. Duty

Duty is another word for cannot. Duty is an excuse, an apology, a reason, a blindfold.
Duty is a fence. A prison.
Duty is a pattern.

'It is your duty,' your father says. 'You cannot marry for love.' You already knew the answer before you had asked the question.
'It is your duty,' your mother says. 'We have to protect our world.'
'It is your duty, your Master says, 'to be willing to die for me. To prove your faith in me. To prove your allegiance.'

'It is your duty,' you say, pulling the worn-out straitjacket over your son's life.
I think I'll choose the Harry/Voldemont one.


Word Count: 207

Characters: Gabrielle Delacour and Regulus Black

Rating: PG-13 (creepiness, ickiness)

Gabrielle came to England for her sisters wedding. She stayed for the war.

She was the one who tracked the missing Horcrux in the mausoleum of the Black family cemetery.

Late in the night Gabrielle, who was just thirteen, entered the tomb. She did not need her wand for light because she glowed. Deep within the catacombs of skulls and bones she came to a rounded chamber in the center of which sat a man who seemed to be made a bones himself. He wore a tattered black robe, hooded to cover his face and shining on his breast a locket.

“Please sir,” she said in her broken English. “Is that the piece of his soul you are wearing?” The man lifted his head, his hood fell away. He looked no older than eighteen or twenty thought his face was ravaged by sores and lesions. Gasping the girl drew back. “Please sir, who are you?” She asked.

“My name was Regulus Black,” he said. “Who are you?”

“Gabrielle Delacour,” she told him.

“Gabrielle,” he repeated softly looking into the distance. “A little angel. Did you know, my little angel there are things that can happen to a girl or a boy that are far worse than dying.”
Here is a link to my drawbles. The first six were done on New Years Eve, but I ran out of time and did the rest the next day.

I've having a little contest for people to insert dialogue to the pics. There's been some pretty funny entries so far! :D
Oh for fekk's sake! here's the actual link! *headdesk*

Here's a link to my journal, where the whole she-bang is explained.

and awaaaaay we go!

I hate having to decide this. They're all my babies, it's like asking which child you love more.

Oh well, I choose M, then...
*snorts* That is too funny. Love it. And far less disturbing than some pieces of Hogwarts: A Rehibilitated History...
Good job!

Poor Luci !



He'll go home and try to kill himself after this !

Pairing: Ron/Draco
Words: 223
Rating: NC-17, solo

2. February: 'Cause Everybody Wants a Dream
Ron didn't have a good record with Valentine’s Day. In his Sixth Year at Hogwarts alone, (or last year, whatever), he was poisoned soon after receiving a "necklace." Really, it was a hideous piece of work, but Lavender Brown put out, so Ron kept his silence. This year, a month and a half after the end of the Second Dark Lord War, he decided to stay the hell home and finish unpacking boxes in his new flat. He emptied the box and began sorting. Two glasses of whiskey and an album later and he was wanking away to a moving photograph of Draco Malfoy. The picture was taken at Narcissa's funeral in mid-October. The somber picture raised a delicate eyebrow as Ron ripped at his pants, shoving them to his ankles. He grasped his cock, pumping as he stared down at the news cutout. He screwed his eyes shut, mouth open as images of Draco smiling, Draco dislocating Bellatrix's jaw, Draco in Fifth Year singing that stupid song, white hair sticking up as he yawned, a roguish wink a playful smirk that early morning 'hey' in his ear and Ron came, filling an empty cardboard box. He looked over at the picture of Draco, now clapping in front of his mother's crypt, and down at the mess on his freckled hands.
"Well. Well, goddamn."

One, I hope I did that correctly. Two, link to the first six. Three, I suck and am trying to finish the last seven before I go to school. I'm iffy on the entire work. I may flame myself. Well, maybe just some tweaking here and there.