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hasaidreamer in auld_lang_snape

Post your drabble links here!

I'm so glad we did that!

I had a great time writing and I hope you all did (and drawbling) too.

While I'm still not sure how many of my drabbles are fit for eyes other than mine to read, it'd be great at this point to see some of the art and ficlets that this event helped you to create!

Please reply below with a link or links to your drabbles - or post one or two in comments. Let us know which (if any) you want us to consider for the "best of auld_lang_snape". We'll be selecting winners from each of your best (posted/linked below, between now and January 4) for various categories - many of which haven't been chosen yet. We're taking one submission per person. Please point us to the drabble you want considered.

ETA: To clarify: You don't have to post them in raw/draft form. Edited ficlets/drabbles are still eligible for the contest... not that we'd know either way :) Thus the submission limit of January 4th.

ETA2: Please link to everything you wrote that you feel like posting! Just make sure you point out the one you think is "best" :D

(My apologies if this message has redundant bits. It's been a long day. *whew!*)



Please link to it! I'm so curious to read what you wrote.

If there's one drabble piece of it that you think is best, we can submit that to the "best of" award too. Or not. You decide :)
Here we go:

But you are the Queen: Pansy/Hermione, NC-17
Sometimes, Pansy whispers into her ear at night, I just want everything to die.

And, uh. Drabble. They're all very perverted. I feel compelled to post the worst and dirtiest of them all, though.

This definitely won't win in the 'best of', but if you think there's another category it'd fit in, please uh use it for that. ;D


Harry watches them with wide eyes and gasping breaths. He can’t understand why he’s reaching into his pants, pulling out his half-hard dick and jerking himself off like he’ll never see daylight.

It’s sick, Harry thinks, that he can get off on something so unnatural. He pulls on his cock harder, slipping a finger in the crack of his arse and trying so hard to wiggle it in. It’s too rough and Harry’s too dry and he swears inside his head as he pulls himself a bit harder and comes all over his hand, hastily wiping the mess on his fingers and pushing in harder.

It’s horrible, Harry thinks, when he’s done and panting, zipping his trousers and walking out like nothing happened.

Harry knows he should be disgusted; he knows that it’s wrong and a crime; but whenever he walks in on Filch and Mrs Norris he can’t help but stay and watch.
Ahahahaha!!!! You win "Shock Pairing of the Year" :D

I hope it wasn't too frightening.

I ended up posting my cross-dressing!Sirius. So if you could stand the Filch/Mrs Norris, you can handle anything!! I couldn't do it. -_-;
That last line may have keeled me. Just so you know, my death is on your hand.
Don't die! T_T

♥ ilu.