December 31st, 2006

Tonight, we write!

The eve of the new year has arrived! I hope you're all still on board to join us in writing 13 drabbles/ficlets in the final 3 hours of 2006.

Regular schedule asks each participant to start at 9:00 pm in your time zone and write only 'til midnight - so you can ring in the new year with the sense of accomplishment that comes with any fun, spontaneous creative endeavor! If you're going on an alternate schedule, any three hours today or tomorrow will do. For a reminder of any details, the original FAQ post is here.

We are still taking sign-ups, if you want to submit your name to the sign-up list . If you're not on the list you're still welcome to put your two cents in and submit drabbles later.

1. We welcome discussion, encouragement, bragging, venting, brainstorms, prompting/bunnies, drabble advice, etc. in this community from now until writing has finished. Posting to the community will be public until tomorrow night, when everyone worldwide should be finished (No bending of the space-time continuum or time-warping, please).

2. I'll be putting up a post shortly where you can tell us, once your three hours are up, how it went for you - how much you wrote, whether that be in wordcount or the number of drabbles - and any experiences you want to share with us from the night or your writing.

3. A post will be going up in the next day or two where you can reply to share links to your drabbles with all of us! Please hold off on posting them here until we have that up, so we can be organized about this and avoid inundating everyone's f-list. Thanks!

I hope you're looking forward to this as much as I am!

How's the writing going?!?

Who's finished their three hours? Who's midway through? Who hasn't started yet (but is as keen as I am to begin, once I get home from work!)?

C'mon folks! Who's out there?

If your three writing hours are over...

How did you fare? Did you hit your target? How many prompts, drabbles, ficlets, characters, words did you manage to include?

Everyone who participated is a hero just for making the attempt. Whether or not you finished thirteen ficlets, I tip my champagne glass to you!

Nota: summerborn or I will put up the place to link/post your drabbles shortly.

Prompts and Idea Resources

Hi everyone! I'm about to get started with my three hours, and since I have no idea what to write about, I pulled up a few handy dandy resources I thought I'd share with the group.
  • First, this HP Random Pairing Generator gives what seems to be mostly the more mainstream characters. I think it's my favorite pairing/character generator.
  • If you like the really rare ones, the St Dymphna's Academy of Magick generator seems to go out of its way to include ALL the characters.

Another idea I've seen is to flip open a book to a random page and pick a phrase, or to hit the "random page" button on Wikipedia. Any others? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like a few ideas :)

Post your drabble links here!

I'm so glad we did that!

I had a great time writing and I hope you all did (and drawbling) too.

While I'm still not sure how many of my drabbles are fit for eyes other than mine to read, it'd be great at this point to see some of the art and ficlets that this event helped you to create!

Please reply below with a link or links to your drabbles - or post one or two in comments. Let us know which (if any) you want us to consider for the "best of auld_lang_snape". We'll be selecting winners from each of your best (posted/linked below, between now and January 4) for various categories - many of which haven't been chosen yet. We're taking one submission per person. Please point us to the drabble you want considered.

ETA: To clarify: You don't have to post them in raw/draft form. Edited ficlets/drabbles are still eligible for the contest... not that we'd know either way :) Thus the submission limit of January 4th.

ETA2: Please link to everything you wrote that you feel like posting! Just make sure you point out the one you think is "best" :D

(My apologies if this message has redundant bits. It's been a long day. *whew!*)