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hasaidreamer in auld_lang_snape

How's the writing going?!?

Who's finished their three hours? Who's midway through? Who hasn't started yet (but is as keen as I am to begin, once I get home from work!)?

C'mon folks! Who's out there?

If your three writing hours are over...

How did you fare? Did you hit your target? How many prompts, drabbles, ficlets, characters, words did you manage to include?

Everyone who participated is a hero just for making the attempt. Whether or not you finished thirteen ficlets, I tip my champagne glass to you!

Nota: summerborn or I will put up the place to link/post your drabbles shortly.


Done! And 18 minutes to go! Cheers! *raises glass*
Yay! That's terrific!
I'm about to start. ;D hopefully my drawing skills are ready to go!
Good luck! and I hope you have fun!
Happy New Year, honey! *hugs* Well done!
I'm waiting one hour! :DD Then I'll end at midnight.
I'm doing the 9pm to midnight too! :D
Not there yet; it's only 5:50 out here. However, I went to a movie, and sat there in the theater before making a list of pairings, and then wrote down objects/concepts from the film as a list of prompts, so I'm all ready. *nods* ...also, *is GIANT DORK to do that*
Yay for dorkiness!

I'm nowhere near so organized, but then, my drabbles are not as good as yours yet either :D I'm glad you're joining us!
done! with 5 minute left. Now I must rush off to a party, but tomorrow morning I will post all of my stuff in my journal under an open post. But if anyone wants a sneak peek (there is some Not worksafe stuff with nudity/slashyness/ sexual situations) it's located in a directory here:


fun to do, especially the ones I did based on prompts. Just wish I had more tme to work bigger/get more detail in. ^__^
Ooh, congrats!! I can't wait to take a look at your work!
Have just started! Whee!
I'm just now starting too!
I started at 9:00 local on the dot. I've got my tea and snacks (anybody want some jelly beans?) and I just tried to spill water on my keyboard but was foiled by my sturdy desk.

I have no plan or foreknowledge of what I'm writing, but so far it's going well! 2 down, 11 to go...

I'm so thrilled that some of you have finished already!! Good luck to everybody else! :D
I'm up to 7 and 1 hr 20 mins in - how are you?
I just finished up my three hours. I didn't get all the way to my goal of 13 but I wrote 9 drabbles featuring a range of characters-- the Black sisters, Luna, Snape, Arthur Weasley, Parvati Patil, Moaning Myrtle, Gabrielle Delacour, Regulus Black, Tonks, Draco, Lupin, Stan Shunpike,and Tom Riddle Jr. Mostly general except for one dealing with Moaning Myrtle's schoolgirl crush on Tom and a bit of Parvati/Gabrielle girlslash. I hadn't planned this but I ended up injecting some political themes into a few of the drabbles. One dealt with Tonks interrogating her former schoolmate Stan Shunpike, another with Arthur Weasley's reaction to news that several Death Eaters had received the Dementor's Kiss was essentially my reaction to Saddam Hussein's execution. It was definitely an interesting exercise and a really great idea.
Sounds awesome! I can't wait to read some of these (once I'm done writing, of course... It's so easy to get distracted as I approach the finish line). I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it productive!
I'm done! 13 drabbles, approximately 2,600 words, in 2 hrs and 45 minutes.
Woohoo! *pats on back*

*jumps up and down* Me too! 2 hours 40, but I think my wordcount is significantly less. Most of mine are 100 words or so.
Done! 3 hours and 12 drabbles, albeit not on New Year's Eve! Did them on 1st Jan 2007, because I had a party on New Year's Eve. The last was supposed to be a Harry/Voldemort, but I ran out of time! I think I spent too much time on the Draco/Harry drabble. -sigh- Let's see...total word count...approximately 2000? That's after rounding up.