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Tonight, we write!

The eve of the new year has arrived! I hope you're all still on board to join us in writing 13 drabbles/ficlets in the final 3 hours of 2006.

Regular schedule asks each participant to start at 9:00 pm in your time zone and write only 'til midnight - so you can ring in the new year with the sense of accomplishment that comes with any fun, spontaneous creative endeavor! If you're going on an alternate schedule, any three hours today or tomorrow will do. For a reminder of any details, the original FAQ post is here.

We are still taking sign-ups, if you want to submit your name to the sign-up list . If you're not on the list you're still welcome to put your two cents in and submit drabbles later.

1. We welcome discussion, encouragement, bragging, venting, brainstorms, prompting/bunnies, drabble advice, etc. in this community from now until writing has finished. Posting to the community will be public until tomorrow night, when everyone worldwide should be finished (No bending of the space-time continuum or time-warping, please).

2. I'll be putting up a post shortly where you can tell us, once your three hours are up, how it went for you - how much you wrote, whether that be in wordcount or the number of drabbles - and any experiences you want to share with us from the night or your writing.

3. A post will be going up in the next day or two where you can reply to share links to your drabbles with all of us! Please hold off on posting them here until we have that up, so we can be organized about this and avoid inundating everyone's f-list. Thanks!

I hope you're looking forward to this as much as I am!
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